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Dec 2, 2013 11:00am PST
to watch crocodiles in australia. yeah, look at that. the sea eagle carried the camera nearly 70 miles. just flew off with it across the country's remote landscape. you can see the wings flapping around there. the bird eventually set that camera down and then kind of pokes at it. i guess wondering what it was. it's kind of cool. so clear too. wildlife rangers set up the motion-censored camera along the river back in may, but it disappeared soon after. so i don't know how they eventually found it to record it. maybe it had like a beacon on it. beacon. pun intended, kind of. >> very good. he's disappointed that thing isn't food, isn't he? >> no kidding. it's not what i thought. thanks so much for joining us this morning. our next newscast is coming up tonight at 5:00. you can also get the latest investigation all day long at have a great day. on the subject "why i love tgs?" please tell me it's not-- - the annual tgs viewer walk-on contest. it's great promotion, lemon. we found that if someone is actually on nbc, they're 4% more likely to watch it. - really? we're doin
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1